05/05/2013 – Wood Warbler on patch, and Peregrines hatch!

A good morning on patch today – a walk through Wheata Wood, the south of the Chase, and up to Bank Lane.

My main target for the morning was wood warbler, and I expected a bit of a trawl round Wharncliffe Wood until I found one, but I was very pleasantly surprised to get a rather showy singing male not far into Wharncliffe Wood, just north of Wheata Wood car park (a not-too-great shot below!).


Elsewhere there was:

  • A few blackcap in Wheata and Wharncliffe Woods.
  • Lots of singing willow warblers (with the majority on the Chase).
  • A surprising amount of tree pipits, with 14 counted and 11 singing.
  • redstart on the Chase, including 2 pairs.
  • whitethroat in Wheata Wood, and another on Bank Lane.
  • wheatear on the Chase behind Wharncliffe Farm.
  • A calling cuckoo on the Chase
  • 3 common buzzards
  • raven over the crags.
  • 3 singing yellowhammer on the Chase, and a couple more near Wortley.
  • A good few swallow flitting around.
  • A flock of around 15 lesser redpoll near Grenoside.



No tree sparrows on Bank Lane today, sadly, but they may have just been feeding somewhere off the main track.

The big news, however, is the first two peregrine chicks have hatched at St George’s! For the latest news see http://sheffieldperegrines.wordpress.com.


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