20/04/2013 – Hatfield, Blacktoft and more…

This morning (me, my dad, and Andy H) had a trip out to Hatfield Moors. Nothing out of the ordinary, but a great selection of summer species singing their hearts out in some glorious weather. Migrants seen included sand martin, swallow, blackcap, whitethroat, willow warbler, chiffchaff, sedge warbler, wheatear and little ringed plover, as well as other highlights including corn bunting and oystercatcher. Most surprising was a brief view of a hobby darting through, mobbed by swallows. There were also plenty of butterflies on the wing – mainly peacocks, but also a couple of small tortoiseshell and a brimstone – and a fox was a nice mammal spot. Sadly no adders made themselves known.













After we’d had our fill in Hatfield, we decided to have a look for some dotterel that had come up on BirdGuides at Adlingfleet. After piecing together where they were supposed to be, we found a path that ran parallel and tried to scan from there. However the path ended before we got close, and a heat haze prevented any distant scoping. It wasn’t a wasted journey, as a pair of yellow wagtails were a great addition to the day’s tally, and another fox gave good views.

We had another try from the main road, and a line of scopes were trained on another field where some were convinced they’d found the dotterels in the haze. All I can say is I couldn’t see anything I’d reliably call a bird, let alone a dotterel, but perhaps some had better scopes/eyes than me!

From there we had a very quick and dirty trip to Blacktoft, where the usual species were hoovered up, including avocet and marsh harrier.








We didn’t see anything super-exciting during our trip out today, but we racked up over 70 species in glorious weather, and a good time was had by all!


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