17/04/2013 – Waxwings and Warblers

It’s been a real day of seasonal transition today, starting brilliantly with a flock of waxwings on Netherthorpe Road. After spying one in the cotoneaster bush by the petrol station from the car window, I had a wander down before work, and found a nice flock of 31. Even though these were very confiding birds, sadly the gloomy morning meant I couldn’t get anything other than rather bad record shots.







If the morning was about the last remnants of the winter visitors, lunchtime was about summer visitors, with an unexpected two singing willow warblers in Crookes Valley Park. One was showing well, but was very flighty and refused to stay still long enough for a photo. In Ponderosa a chiffchaff was singing too – but still no blackcaps.

In lieu of a willow warbler photo, here’s a picture of some snoozing Canada geese in Weston Park, which were a bit easier to get a snap of.



I did make it out yesterday, by the way, for a quick walk on Stanley Hill, but the high winds led to a rather bird-free trip, with the only notables five meadow pipits on Hill Top Lane, and a couple of linnets on Stanley Hill. Not really worth a whole blog post!


The best spot yesterday was actually on the way home from work, with two swallows feeding over the Don near Neepsend.



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