03 – 04/04/2013 – More birding lunches

On Wednesday I decided to go a bit further afield on my lunch-hour, and marched up to the Botanical Gardens. It ended up not a great tally, but managed a few species I didn’t get previously during the trek, including jay, nuthatch, great tit, coal tit and dunnock, with a total of 15. I had a very quick look at the Porter near the General Cemetery, but didn’t manage any dippers or grey wagtails as hoped.

As I was dashing around a bit I didn’t get chance to take many pics, except the one below which obviously isn’t a bird.


Yesterday I stuck to more traditional lunch hour territory, and went down to Ponderosa – where mistle thrush was new for the week – but still no singing chiffchaffs, which is quite late for the site. Then it was up to Crookes Valley Park, where the great crested grebes are still present and were displaying, and a goldcrest and treecreeper were nice surprises.


Then it was a quick look at the peregrines. It seems rude not to.


So ended the lunch hour with a better tally of 20, and so far this week have seen 27 species during lunch breaks. Can I make it up to 30 today? Still missing starling, greenfinch and a few others so quite possibly…


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