02/04/13 – Birding Lunch

Today I decided to have a go at Bird Watching Magazine’s “Birding Lunch”, to see how many birds I could see during my lunch hour.

I didn’t really go anywhere out of the ordinary, heading down Weston and Crookes Valley Parks. The full list here was feral pigeon, blue tit, goldfinch, woodpigeon, mallard, Canada goose, carrion crow, long-tailed tit, great crested grebe, chaffinch, black-headed gull, wren, blackbird, house sparrow, magpie and coot.

P1140711 P1140712

I had a look down to Ponderosa after this, hoping to pick up early singing chiffchaff or blackcap, but with predictably little joy based on the weather. I did, however, find two stock doves feeding on the playing field, which was fairly unexpected.


Finally I found one of the St George’s peregrines, perched right on top of the church.


There was plenty possible that was missing today – I would have expected great tit, mistle thrush, pied wagtail and starling at least. Maybe I’ll have a few more birding lunches before the week’s out…


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