25 – 28/03/2013 – A week on the lunchtime patch

Rather than daily posts on the week’s lunchtime spots, I thought it may be less repetitive to do a weekly roundup.

The great crested grebes have been present all week on Crookes Valley Park, even engaging in a bit of courtship dancing. It will be very interesting to see if there’s any breeding attempt made.


Elsewhere in the park there’s been a few other bits and bobs. A small flock of foraging blackbirds has been joined by a song thrush and a single redwing, and a nuthatch was calling from the eastern side of the park yesterday. Black-headed gulls have returned to the park too, peaking at 32 today, and the usual coots are there, starting to get tetchy and territorial, chasing off mallards that get too close.

P1140651 P1140625 P1140588 P1140598

The two Canada geese seem to have migrated back to the plastic duck menagerie of Weston Park, holding court with the other iffy waterfowl…


However the big news of the week is the St George’s peregrines have laid their first egg. They’ve done well to have held on a bit – the Nottingham birds laid before the heaviest of the snowfalls, and the female was quite a pitiable sight trying to incubate through several inches of snow. The Sheffield birds should lay another 2-3 eggs during the next week or so, and fingers crossed for another successful breeding year.


Next week is Bird Watching Magazine’s “Birding Lunch”, a challenge to see as many species as possible in a lunch hour. This means I may go a bit further afield to see what I can find…


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