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Wow. I’ve been a very bad blogger. I can’t believe I’ve not nature-blogged properly for over a year – although my excuse I’ve been busy patching and posting on the Wharncliffe Wildlife blog, although it’d be a little bit more convincing if I’d actually updated that more often too…

In many ways I can’t believe I haven’t been tempted to write more really. Since I last updated I’ve watched breeding Bitterns at Old Moor… watched the comings and goings of breeding Peregrines in the City Centre… seen Golden Oriole, Red-backed Shrike, Radde’s Warbler and Pomarine Skua on trips to the coast… finally nailed down Iceland and Glaucous Gulls in the Broomhead roost… watched Short-eared Owls ignoring dog-walkers at Orgreave… plenty of birding adventures all round that really deserved a blog entry or two.

As the Spring arrives (allegedly), I thought it a good time to crank up the nature diary. And I’ve come back to WordPress after a dalliance with Tumblr. I’ve merged that blog with this, and also my really old Blogspot one (I’m a bit of a blogging platform butterfly, aren’t I?). So for the first time all my blog posts are in one, bar a few cringey old ones that got the chop. I’ll work through some of the Wharncliffe ones and eventually feed them in as well. As these have been imported from various sources, there’s a few formatting issues that I’ll clean up eventually too.

So yes, welcome back! Hope I write something you’ll find vaguely interesting…


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