19/03/2013 – Urban grebes and falcons

This morning I got an email from Dave Wood alerting me to two great crested grebes at Crookes Valley Park – a very unusual visitor there (possibly a first). At lunch I had a wander down and they were still there, looking very graceful in the middle of the lake. Thoughts they may hang around were thwarted somewhat by a radio-controlled boat starting up on the lake as I left, but I’ll check again tomorrow if I get chance in case they haven’t been spooked into moving on.

The lake also held two each of Canada goose and coot, and there were signs of Spring in singing blackbird, robin, dunnock, wren and coal tit. siskin was notable overhead, and long-tailed tits and goldfinches flitted round the trees. Two mistle thrushes were on Winter Street on the way back.

The peregrines were much in evidence around St George’s today, with a couple of sightings around the nest platform, and I managed a prolonged view on the webcam around 5pm. The female was having a good old scrape in the gravel and – fingers crossed – there’ll be some eggs before too long.

peregrine 19thMar

If you haven’t seen the webcam yet keep your eye on it – don’t be put off if you’re just staring at gravel for hours, because when the birds arrive you get cracking views such as the one above. Last year it’s estimated they laid either the last week of March or beginning of April, so it won’t be long now.


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