A long time coming…

Whoops, it’s really been a while since I last posted, hasn’t it? One of the main reasons is late in June I went over on my ankle while walking on the Chase. This wasn’t a very dramatic injury, but I really didn’t look after it. I basically ignored I’d sprained it, and a mixture of a trip to London with obligatory tourist-style wandering, an all-day music festival, drunken dancing at a wedding disco and finally a walk round Blacktoft Sands and Hatfield Moors meant I knackered it good and proper and was out of action in terms of going birding for most of July.

Incidentally the trip to Blacktoft was a good one, with a large selection of waders on display. 12 were counted, namely wood sandpiper, green sandpiper, greenshank, redshank, spotted redshank, ruff, dunlin, avocet, common sandpiper, black-tailed godwit, golden plover and lapwing, plus honorary waders in the form of spoonbill and little egret. Other highlights were bearded tit and marsh harrier, and at Hatfield oystercatcher and little ringed plover were added to the day’s wader count. Not bad for an day inland.

All the below pics are from Blacktoft.





Little Egrets

Little Egrets

Marsh Harrier

Marsh Harrier

Sedge Warbler

Sedge Warbler

But like I say this finished my foot off for a while, which wrote off most of July for any significant walks. In August so far I’ve mainly been patch watching, and the highlights have included two crossbills over Wheata Wood, and a very surprising sedge warbler by the pond on Wharncliffe Chase – you may not think this is a very exciting bird, but it’s a patch mega round these parts!

So hopefully as autumn descends and migration gets under way I’ll start writing on here more often. Promise!


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