A quail!

Last weekend I had a trip to Orgreave Lakes, getting the usual species I expected including common tern, ringed plover, redshank and oystercatcher, as well as hundreds of swifts. While walking around the lakes I heard what I was sure was a brief snippet of a calling quail, and eventually tracked the bird down to a grassy area on the hillside west of the small lake, where it called a again for a good few minutes. It being a quail, I never actually saw it, even though it wasn’t very far away at all!

Quails have been recorded in good numbers nearby recently, including very close to home at Brightholmlee and Peat Pits in recent evenings, as well as several sites in South Yorks, West Yorks, Derbys and Notts. It seems there’s a mini-influx going on!

On Sunday I also had a trip to Old Moor, where I got a good look at the site’s avocets and Med gulls, with another highlight being two unseasonal pintail.

Tomorrow I’m off to Spurn for the day, so will hopefully see enough good birds for a good blog post when I get back!


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