Blimey, I’ve been neglecting this blog a little bit, haven’t I?! If truth be told I got a bit sucked in posting a photo a day on Blipfoto, (see here). But I really shouldn’t leave it this long between posts on here, sorry!

In the last month I’ve mainly kept myself busy patching, both at lunchtimes around work, and in my tetrads around Grenoside. I must admit my “only counting two tetrads” patch has been scuppered a bit, predictably by the lure of the north of Wharncliffe Chase, and less predictably around a nice area I’ve discovered to the south of Prior Royd, which should turn up a few bits and bobs as the spring trickles on, and has already yielded singing linnet and yellowhammer, green woodpecker, redwing and red-legged partridge, as well as huge gathering of magpies that has numbered up to 50.

The other highlights over the last few weeks have included lunchtime dippers at Sharrow General Cemetery, a ring-necked parakeet over Weston Park, and two Mute Swans at Crookes Valley Park (patch mega!!!). On the local patch bramblings have regularly shown at Wheata Wood, and yesterday my mate Andy and I found two mealy redpolls among the lessers at Wharncliffe Wood, and lapwings, curlews, skylark and meadow pipit have all returned to the Chase, and are in good voice.

No migrants yet, but I’ll be checking Wharncliffe Chase for wheatears at the weekend, and I’m making a daily stop at Ponderosa for chiffchaffs. Any day now!

As I say, I’ve not been on any jaunts for a while (one of the reasons why I haven’t got round to putting finger to keyboard to update this blog), but a birthday trip to Potteric Carr turned up some stunning views of a kingfisher, my first butterfly of the year (a brimstone), and a surprising day-flying bat (tentatively IDed as a noctule).

I won’t leave this blog so long next time, I promise! Keep checking my Blipfoto, which I should be updating every day, and I’ll try and remember to post some of the highlights (among other things) on here.