Moscar to Lodge Moor

A break in the rain at Stanage

This morning I had a break from packing for a bit and decided to go for a walk. Laura was visiting a friend in Manchester, so I got a lift to Moscar on her way, and walked from there to Lodge Moor via Stanage and Redmires. Sadly the weather was pretty lousy, punctuated by one nice sunny spell, when I managed the photo above!

Stanage was its usual bleak self, and the rain meant nothing interesting was overhead. There were many, many red grouse around as usual, and the highlight was a late wheatear at the north end of the Edge, which I’m fairly sure is the latest one I’ve ever seen, definitely in the Sheffield area. Although fairly close, the rain was coming down too fast to get the camera out for a photo!

Down at Redmires the whooper swans that had been reported had scarpered, but I did find a goldeneye on the Top Res, and a cormorant flew north over the Middle Res. On Soughley Lane a noisy, chuckling flock of around 150 fieldfare took off from the trees and wires and headed towards Redmires – my first of the winter.

Goldeneye (record shot)

A goldeneye in the rain…


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