A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to have nightly visits from badgers in my garden. We have a plum tree in our garden, which starts dropping its fruity bounty around this time of year, and every night a badger was snuffling around the garden, doing a very efficient job of cleaning up. Leaving a trail of peanuts eventually lured it to the French windows, where it would snuffle so close it left marks on the glass, oblivious to watchers on the other side due to its poor eyesight.

Sadly these forays into more urban areas took its toll, and we eventually found two badgers dead by the side of the road, obviously the victims of vehicles. Last year we didn’t see a badger all year, and without our garden cleaner (and something of an apathetic attitude to gardening from us!) the plum pile mounted up, and our laziness punished with a vertiable plague of wasps that were attracted to the rotting fruit and made the garden a no-go zone during daylight hours!


Last week we were lucky enough to see a badger dart across the road (and yes, they do move faster than their dumpy looks suggest…) a short distance away from the house. I’ll be keeping my eyes on the garden in case we’ve finally got one of these very handy, and very beautiful, plum-hoovers back!

Badger photo credit – Stan Marston, used under the Creative Commons Licence (See here)


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