Wood Sand

I had another trip to Old Moor this morning, hoping to see a wood sandpiper that’s been reported recently, a bird I’d yet to see. I got there as soon as the reserve opened, and marched straight to Wath Ings, where I soon got on to it for a brief look – taller-looking and more elegant than the many green sandpipers that were around, with a strong supercilium that went well behind the eye, and a back flecked with white. I showed someone else down the ‘scope and they agreed.

However I lost sight of it and couldn’t find it again. Was I wrong? Had it “turned into” one of the greens? I started to have doubts as to the ID, but luckily (eventually) it turned up again for a good scruitinise.

It’s a great time of year for waders at Old Moor – as well as the aforementioned species there were a good few ruff, several greenshank, a couple of little ringed plover, a single golden plover, a black-tailed godwit, and a smattering of snipe. There were also at least five little egrets doing the rounds of the reserve.


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