The end of Sheffield Wildlife…

I’m afraid this is the end for Sheffield Wildlife! Don’t worry though, I’ve started a brand new blog over at Tumblr called Steel City Birding.

I decided it was time for a change, and to alter the focus from general wildlife musings, to a more bird-orientated blog, which it always really was anyway. Of course any interesting mammals, insects and other things may get a mention, but birds will be the main subject matter of the new blog.

Apart from a birding diary, I’ll also be posting about the improvements I’m making in my birding. I’ve got to the stage where I know enough that non-birders I know see me as some kind of birding expert, but in reality I’ve a hell of a lot to learn. There’s plenty for me to improve on, and I’ll be showing the gap in my knowledge and challenges I come across honestly and openly, and hopefully sharing some of the learning as I go on. It’ll hopefully make sense as I do it.

Finally, I’ll be using the blog as a bit of a scrapbook, sharing photos, links and other bits and bobs along the way. I may even go off-topic and post a few bits of music that you may like to listen to while you browse the birdy stuff.

I’ve started the new blog at this time of year because September is looming, one of the best times for birding, and hopefully I’ll have something interesting to share soon. If you have any comments or suggestions then please get in touch.

So if you have any bookmarks to Sheffield Wildlife then please change them. This old blog will remain online as an archive. See you over in the new one!


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