This morning I had a trip up to Orgreave Lakes to have a look if a black-necked grebe that has been there for the last couple of days was still there. On the way to the bus station I had a bit of a meander round the City Centre riverside, picking up a few sand martins by Blonk Street, and the rather weird-looking leucistic carrion crow by Millsands, plus a couple of new broods of mallards.

Leucistic Carrion Crow
Weird crow…

At Orgreave the BNG was a no-show, but there was plenty more to see, including ringed plovers, great crested grebes, hundreds of swifts with a few house and sand martins mixed in, and loads of singing skylarks and whitethroats.

Orgreave Lakes

I had a walk to Treeton Dyke to see if the BNG had relocated there, but the water-skiers put paid to anything interesting lurking on the lake, with just a few sedge and reed warblers shuttling away in the reeds for interest.

On the bus on the way up I thought I caught a glimpse of a little egret on Catcliffe Flash, so I had a walk down there and sure enough there was one lurking. They’re still a fairly scarce bird in the Sheffield area, and always nice to see locally.

Little Egret

Also on the lake were loads of family parties of coots, a great crested and little grebe, a pochard, and a quick flypast from (believe it or not!) my first kingfisher since New Year’s Day!

And finally, it’s getting into that time of year when I start posting insect shots, and here’s a couple. I’m not 100% sure I’m right with my dragonfly ID, so any corrections would be much appreciated.

Ringlets (there were loads of these about)

Black-tailed Skimmer(?)
Black-tailed Skimmer?


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