Baby boom…

Last Wednesday I took the morning off work to finish my BBS survey at Damflask. Not a lot to report, except loads of juv coal, blue and great tits around, and a family party of nuthatches. On the way back I stopped off in the Loxley Valley and came across a couple of grey partridges at Old Wheel Farm… not a very common bird in this part of Sheffield, and a very unexpected “patch tick”!

On Saturday I had a walk round the Agden area, the highlights of which being good views of a redstart, a green woodpecker, several whitethroat, and smatterings of juvenile chaffinches and willow warblers.

Chaffinch and fledgling

Willow Warbler (juv)


Today I had a scan of Tyzack’s Dam (at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet) for mandarin ducks. They didn’t take much finding, with a female with no fewer than nine ducklings lurking on the bank, and at least seven other adults milling about, the males looking quite scruffy in their eclipse plumage.

Mandarin Mum




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2 thoughts on “Baby boom…”

  1. just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say how much fun i’ve had reading it. Excellent work! I’ve found quite a few area’s to explore now for birding thanks to your posts as previously i’d just gone to places in sheffield/peak where i go biking or climbing.

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