Blowing my own trumpet(er)…

Trumpeter Finch

Trumpeter Finch

Excuse me for my excitement here, but as it’s very hard to get rarities in land-locked Sheffield, I’m not used to the thrill of finding my own vagrant birds! The trumpeter finch I found on Capri last week, as mentioned in my previous post, appears to be a rather nice rarity after all. I got an email back from Andrea Corso, of Italian birdwatching society EBN Italia, who says:

 The species is a very scarce migrant to Italy, of course obviously mostly to Sicily and S Italy, where it is most probably an annual visitor though the scarcity of observers some year miss to find birds around… however is a most interesting record and in same period we had in S Italy 3 birds in tot, plus several other african species such blue-cheeked bee-eater, desertorum Red-necked Nightjar, Western olivaceous Warbler etc….

It’s amazing what you can see when you’re not birdwatching, isn’t it?!

Closer to home, my friend Chris and I went for a trip up to Strines to see if we could see the lingering male Montagu’s harrier the other night, but despite the number of beady birdwatching eyes present it failed to show, although did appear in Ringinglow yesterday morning. So if you’re around that area keep your eyes peeled!


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