Last day of winter, first day of spring…

Yesterday I had a university field trip to Wharncliffe Heath. I had a rather drizzly walk round the Chase first, getting a few signs of spring including singing skylark, meadow pipit and reed bunting, and a couple of curlew. Elsewhere in one of the ponds some frogspawn, with a frog‘s head poking out, was another nice sign of the coming months. But it was a dismal day, the rain started to get worse, the fog descended, and the field trip was cut short due to the rather miserable conditions.

Today it was a different situation altogether, with glorious warm sunshine. I didn’t get out much, but managed a yeartick, and the first migrant of the year, from the comfort of my own home, with a singing chiffchaff across the road, which settled in next door’s tree for a while giving good views. Great to see them back!


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