Big Garden Birdwatch 2010

I can’t believe it’s a year since the last Big Garden Birdwatch! Not a super-exciting tally this morning, but I still managed a couple of bullfinches, which is always nice. Here’s the full list for the hour…

Great Tit – 4
Blue Tit – 3
Blackbird – 1
Collared Dove – 1
Woodpigeon – 1
Magpie – 3
Jackdaw – 8
Bullfinch – 2
House Sparrow – 1
Robin – 2

No long-tailed tit, dunnock or coal tit, but otherwise pretty much what I expected. House sparrows were once only very rarely seen in my garden, but recently a male has taken residence here, often using the tops of bushes and next door’s guttering as a singing perch.

Finches are also very rarely seen in the garden, and it’s quite unusual to see goldfnch, chaffinch or greenfinch, although bullfinches pass through fairly regularly but rarely use the feeders. I think this lack of finches is due to the fact I don’t encourage spilt seed or any ground-feeding, due to cats, and the feeders are high up in a tree where tits are much more likely to find them. Saying that greenfinches and chaffinches do very occasionally use the peanut feeder – I wonder if it’s just there’s some more suitable feeding stations for them in nearby gardens.

The great spotted woodpecker that used to make several visits to the fat cake every day hasn’t been seen for ages, in fact I’m not sure I even saw it once last year, and the goldcrest that was making forays into the garden at the time of the last BGBW was only a temporary visitor.

Don’t forget you’ve still got all weekend to do the BGBW – follow the link at the start of this blog post for more details.


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