And so it all starts again…

Happy new year everyone, hope a good Christmas was had by all.

Today the yearlist was reset and the whole sorry process began again! The first bird of the year was a dunnock in the garden, followed by blackbird, jackdaw, woodpigeon, great tit, magpie, robin, black-headed gull, blue tit, house sparrow, a flyover sparrowhawk, long-tailed tit and collared dove. A trip to a Potteric beefed things up, with feral pigeon, starling, herring gull, carrion crow and kestrel picked up on the way.

At Potteric the place was very icy, with most of the pools devoid of birds, with the exception of a couple of unfrozen areas at Huxter Well (which I didn’t have time to visit, but squinted at from afar). There were, however, bitterns on show, with one sighted from both Willow Pool and Piper Marsh hides. Others picked up include chaffinch, bullfinch, moorhen, pheasant, redwing, wren, goldfinch, kingfisher, reed bunting, coal tit, willow tit, jay, great spotted woodpecker, mute swan, mallard, coot and teal. Sadly the reserve’s water rails weren’t playing despite a few trips to Willow Pool in the hope they’d emerged from the undergrowth.

So a so-so 36 kicks off 2010, and I start the year in the bizarre position of getting bittern before grey heron and Canada goose! At this rate I can’t predict what the next couple of days will turn up!


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4 thoughts on “And so it all starts again…”

  1. Happy New Year to you, Pete.

    My apologies for not being in touch for a while. I`ve been busy setting up my new blog. Mostlymacro is no longer.

    1. Hi Dean, great to hear from you, I was worried you’d given up blogging for good! I’ll update my links, and look forward to reading what you’re up to in the coming months.

      Best wishes,


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