The obligatory snow post…

Loxley Valley

I’m sure it hasn’t escaped anyone’s notice that’s it’s been a bit of a snowy weekend. Yesterday I went for a walk on my much-neglected patch, hoping that the cold snap would mean a few more unusual birds would be showing themselves.

Starting at Stacey Bank a lapwing was wandering round the fields, 60 starlings were loitering (a good count for the area), and the usual dipper was under the Damflask “steps”. Moving on to an iced up Old Wheel Dam nothing too interesting appeared to by around, but while I was counting the Canada geese (a mighty 102) and moorhens (an unusually high 2o) I noticed a medium-sized wader briefly take flight, and looked on the opposite bank to see two snipe milling around – a first for me in the Valley.

Spot the Snipes...
Spot the snipes…

The ice also brought the dam’s coots to the bank, and the now resident mute swan was bashing into the ice and smashing it up like an icebreaker.

Coot on Ice

Mute Swan

As I was leaving the dam a drake teal flew on to the water, but nothing else stood out for the rest of the walk, bar a good count of 7 pied wagtails at Old Wheel Farm, and a typically Christmassy robin which posed nicely near Olive Dam.


If I don’t update again before, have a great Christmas!


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3 thoughts on “The obligatory snow post…”

  1. You have a great Xmas too mate. Always enjoy reading your posts on here.. If you want to get out and about during the Xams break just shout up !!

    Have a good-un

    1. Cheers Dave! I think my time may be more or less booked up over the festive period with various non-birdy things, but I’ll definitely be in touch once the 2010 year list gets going!

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