Mission Incrossibill

All year I’ve had trouble finding crossbills, despite venturing to some hotspots at various times. So today I had a trip to the Broomhead area, with fellow-SBSGer Andy Hill, who’s had much better luck than me finding them – I was hoping some of his crossbill-finding mojo would rub off!

After a fairly uneventful walk to Broomhead, we walked around the general Wigtwizzle and Canyards area, occasionally hearing crossbills and eventually getting a brief flyover. Finally we got cracking views of a flock of around 30 in a patch of conifers.





Elsewhere a female brambling was among some chaffinches at Canyards…

Brambling (honest!)

…plenty of redwings and fieldfare were about…


…and there small flocks of siskin, a few great spotted woodpeckers, and four goosander on Broomhead Res.

Yesterday I also had a quick trip out round the Loxley Valley, quite quiet except for a grey wagtail at Old Wheel Farm, a large count of 103 Canada geese at Old Wheel Dam, a mute swan, and a flock of 20 greenfinch and a great spotted woodpecker on Low Matlock Lane.


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4 thoughts on “Mission Incrossibill”

  1. How fantastic to see Crossbills, I thought they were only in Clumber Park! Hmmmm, very interesting! :)

    We had a few Redwings around here in South Sheffield the other day, haven’t seen any actually in my garden but then again I don’t see the garden in daylight anymore :(

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