A dose of flu…

Well, I was hoping to start November with some good hijinks from the weekend, as I fully intended to have a potter round Little Matlock Wood to get some mushrooms for my uni course on Saturday, and spend Sunday morning vis-migging at Redmires. Unfortunately the flu struck on Friday evening – I’m not being overdramatic enough to say it was the dreaded swine flu, but it was a nasty bout that wiped me out for the entire weekend, and very nicely made me just about all right again to go to work on Monday. So nothing interesting to report!

All I can say is I took some comfort from being woken up by the rain lashing against the bedroom window at 7am on Sunday, which made me slightly less sad at missing the vis mig trip…!

So all I’ve got to say, really, is to keep your eyes open for the latest Birdwatching Magazine, in which I have a “Go Birding” walk for the Loxley Valley. Whether or not this means my patch will be innundated with new birders has yet to be seen, but I know of one fella who saw the walk and ended up going there and seeing his first dipper, which is what it’s all about really.

Hopefully next weekend I’ll be up to full speed and will finally have something interesting to say!


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