The last two weekends (including a lifer!)


Sorry, I haven’t updated for a while, but here’s a few details of the last couple of weekends.

Last Saturday I had a uni fieldtrip to Ringinglow looking for fungi (I’ll do a mycological post soon, honest!), and there were definite signs that autumn had well and truly arrived, in the form of two skeins of pink-footed geese, hundreds of redwings and a smattering of fieldfare around.

Yesterday I had a walk from High Bradfield to More Hall, via Broomhead Res, hoping to pick up some crossbills along the way, with sadly no luck. To be honest the fog was so bad to start off with that there could have been anything out there! There were small numbers of redwing and fieldfare along the way, and a mewing buzzard somewhere in the fog. At More Hall there was a cormorant and a great crested grebe on the water, but that was about it. Good walk though.

Today was a bit more successful with a quick and dirty twitch to Carr Vale NR to see the cattle egret which arrived this morning. I didn’t have much time to find it, but luckily it was showing distantly but well from the observation mound, a first for me and a cracking bird.

(I’ve been really bad and getting photos this last few weeks, so I’ve cheated and used a photo from last year to illustrate this entry!)


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