I had a great “from the house” tick yesterday with two buzzards low over Loxley Road, clearly visible from the living room window. I have seen distant buzzards overhead before in the Valley, but these were the best views I’ve had on patch, and the first from the house. Good stuff!

Last week I started my part-time uni course again, with a module in mushrooms and toadstools. So expect lots of mycologically-themed posts in the coming weeks…


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8 thoughts on “Buzzards”

  1. I saw a Buzzard from my back garden a couple of weeks ago now… According to a local birder, it’s the first time in 9 years since he last saw one over our ‘patch’. We assume it was passing over, because there’s little else it could’ve been looking for – being so central to the city, there’s only really parkland nearby (Norfolk, Meersbrook, around Callow Mount flats and such, Greaves is futher away).

    Interesting stuff! Seems to be quite a lot of sightings of Buzzards around Sheffield and Chesterfield recently with two other people in Chesterfield I know having seen them at very close-range.

  2. Hi Weve seen 3 buzzards this morning flying over our house we live near to rother valley and also the mosborough parkway that has a large wildlife are .What fantastic birds never seen them over here b4 greast to see hope it was a family nesting in the area

  3. I saw a Honey buzzard today near the a61 to Chesterfield ,at first thought it was a Buzzard but with it being a bit darker and having a white band on its tail I think it was a honey buzzard.

    anyone else seen or heard of any?

    1. Hi John. Honey buzzards aren’t impossible but fairly unlikely in our area. Buzzards are very, very variable birds plumage-wise, (from dark brown to nearly white in some individuals) and to tell the difference between the two requires a good look at the flight style and structure of the bird.

  4. Hi Pete Yes you are right and it looks like I could have been wrong , but I have never seen a buzzard with a clear white band on the tail feathers as this ,it was to parallel line with a pure white band and the back of the bird was dark ,I’ve been looking into it ,it might have been a Rough legged Buzzard but I honestly don’t know ,it was that different a bird that Jill my wife said in the car going home that could it have been some one flying a pet ?? But like you say it could just have been a common Buzzard will be down that way later and hope to find said bird and get a photo .

    thanks for the reply

    all the best


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