A couple of patch updates

This last two weekend’s I’ve actually had a walk on what is probably becoming one of the most neglected local patches in the country…

Last week’s highlights were a dipper at Stacey Bank (ringed light blue over metal/red over yellow), a couple of grey wagtails, 5 x tufted duck on Old Wheel Dam, and the usual suspects such as nuthatch, jay and kestrel.

Today’s highlights were a mute swan on Old Wheel Dam (not a  common bird there), a single tufted duck,  5 x swallow over OWD, a hunting kestrel and a great spotted woodpecker near Rowell Lane, and two treecreeper and a singing chiffchaff at Black Lane.

A couple of pics…

Treecreeper, living up to its name…

Mute Swan
Mute Swan

Off to Spurn tomorrow – with the recent westerly winds I’m not expecting much, but there is some reasonable stuff knocking about like lapland and snow buntings, barred warbler and Med gulls, so you never know… Not expecting a rarity-fest though!


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