More butterflies

Regular readers may have noticed the lack of reports from the Loxley Valley recently – to be honest it’s not the most productive of places during high summer, and I’ve been spending my free time in potentially more exciting places. I had a walk there today, and came up with practically nothing of any interest whatsoever – the best was a brief glimpse of a grey wagtail at the Fisheries, and glimpses of dragonflies I think were brown hawkers, and another hawker sp. I’m not so keen to ID on the views I got!

Luckily the buddleia in my back garden was doing its job of attracting some butterflies in, which posed for some photos as they supped nectar in the sunshine. I’ve really enjoyed getting up close to butterflies this weekend and getting some good shots – I never really appreciated what crazy-looking eyes they had!

Painted Ladies…

Painted Lady

Painted Lady

Painted Lady








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5 thoughts on “More butterflies”

  1. Good pics. We saw some dark green frittilaries in the Derbyshire Dales a couple of weeks ago. Took some pics, but not as good as yours. It seemed that every time I got it in focus it buggered off!

    Much excitement yesterday. Out walking in Gratton near Youlgreave and spotted a bird I dismissed as a juv gull without checking in my bins. Luckily Chris did check and it was an Osprey! Just passing through. Never seen one in the Peak District before.

    1. I’m incredibly jealous! I had almost the opposite situation at Agden on Saturday – saw a black and white, gull-winged bird flying low towards me, thought I’d got very very lucky, and then realised it was just a lesser black-backed gull after all!

      Yet to see an osprey, hopefully before return migration’s over I’ll get one…

    1. Thanks, Frances. I just use a Panasonic FZ18 on standard settings with no teleconverter. It’s a cracking little camera!

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