OK these pics are a bit rubbish but indulge me – there’s really not much better things in life than watching swifts swooping above the valley on a summer’s evening.





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My name is Pete

7 thoughts on “Swifts”

  1. Used to love watching them screeching around at the coast on summer holidays gone by. Note heard any here for a few days, but then we’ve not had any warm summer evenings either!

  2. Just standing at my attic window half an hour ago high up above Rivelin watching them swerve by! It’s the sight and sound of summer. You’ve inspired me to have a go at photograhing them – perhaps tomorrow. The bats are out now.

  3. Oh Pete… do believe I see swifts in the evenings in my area at the moment and I would love to get shots to see if my ID is right. Therefore, I am thrilled to see yours :-)

    Re-seeing better things in life… well it would be swallows I’d absolutely love to see circling above my house! Over the last couple of weeks I have been seeing them (again and again) when out and about and have been absolutely transfixed.

    I caught a little video of adult swallows feeding young adult swallows feeding young (scroll down on the this lengthy post) which is great but it is the sweeping they do catching insects that I haven’t got a chance to get with the speed involved… so I therefore I really want ;-)

    Wishing you more sightings and a great weekend :-D

  4. Swifts have thinned out a lot this week over hillsborough park, I suspect the exodus has begun.
    whats left seems to be the young ones bulking up. Its always sad to see them leave.

  5. Saw a large flock of swallows hurtling around the pub at strines on thurday night , all very low and fotos easily taken, proberbly still there.

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