A wet afternoon on t’moors…

The title says it all… I spent a few hours this afternoon having a look around the NW moors, but ended up getting soaked in a series of quick but drenching showers. Only one or two good bits and bobs seen – a common lizard on a stile on Agden Side, which sadly scurried away before I could get a picture, and a golden plover and a few red grouse on Broomhead Moor were about the best I got. Sadly I missed the hobbies at Agden Side that have been reported on the SBSG site today.

A couple of pics…

Golden Plover
Golden Plover

Common Footman
Common Footman


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4 thoughts on “A wet afternoon on t’moors…”

  1. He’s a little wager for you. If you can get a photo of a common lizard in, say, the next 12 months I will give you 50p (you’ll have to do it for the honour rather than the riches!).

    I’ve seen lots of them over the years, usually accompanied by the phrase “Look, there’s a…oh it’s gone”.

  2. Swifts have thinned out a lot this week over hillsborough park, I suspect the exodus has begun.
    whats left seems to be the young ones bulking up. Its always sad to see them leave.

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