Here’s a couple of shots of six-spot burnet moths, that I found on the verge outside the house. They were on or near bird’s-foot trefoil, which is the main foodplant of the larvae, so I’m presuming these are quite recently emerged.

Six-spot Burnet Moth

Six-spot Burnet Moth

The other night I had a quick walk in the Loxley Valley, the reason I haven’t updated too much recently is that I’m not seeing too much interesting in the July lull! The best I could muster was a kestrel, a couple of great spotted woodpecker, and a couple of hares in a field off Loxley Road. Here’s a couple of pics just to prove I am still getting out and about!

Brown Hare

Mallard in eclipse
Mallard in eclipse

Juvenile coot
Juvenile coot


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