Hobbies up on t’moors

I hate being vague about locations on this blog, as I like to give as much gen as possible to others who may want a look, but when writing about raptors on the edge of the Peak District (even non-breeders) I’m going to be a little circumspect…

This morning I had a quick look at a particular site up on the NW moors, and was greeted by the fantastic sight of three hobbies (probably 1st summers), two of which were having a bit of a mid-air scrap, and one of which was catching insect prey and eating it on the wing. Also nearby were a buzzard, several kestrels, and a couple of ravens. All good stuff!

I also had a walk past Agden Reservoir, and found a couple of spotted flycatchers, one of which is below in a rather ropey shot…

Spotted Flycatcher (record shot)

EDIT – There’s some cracking photos of one of the hobbies by Andy Deighton on the SBSG site. Look under the 4th July sightings here – http://www.sbsg.org/sightings/recentsightings.asp


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