A weekend in Northumberland

This weekend we’ve been up to Northumberland. A fantastic time was had and for once I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Arctic Tern

When Terns Attack

When Terns Attack...

Arctic Tern




Grey Seal



Shag with young


Sandwich Terns

Common Tern

Little Tern

Red Squirrel
(unfortunately the best view we got!)


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13 thoughts on “A weekend in Northumberland”

  1. Looks like a place to get up close and personal with the wildlife, a bit too close as far as the Terns are concerned! Great shots, will have to go up there one day.

  2. fantastic photos. The first tern pic and the shag nest are my favs. Going to Skomer end of this month and your just wetting my appetite. Cant wait!

  3. Excellent pix as always you’ll have to put the equip used too. How’s the insect photography? I have a spare sweep net if you ain’t got one foc of course!!!
    Any ideas when we are going to do the lunchtime bird race?

    1. Still need to get some of the minibeasts in and have a crack at them! And gosh, yes, the bird race. Any ideas?

  4. Love that first flight shot of the tern – it shows up the translucent wings brilliantly.

    And sun too – you don’t know how much fantastic rain you’ve missed back here in Sheffield!!

  5. But you missed the swift swarm in Hillsborough park, from friday till last night (sunday) 100 – 150 were flying more or less at ground level, (alarming a lot of people and dogs as well) among the swarm was a few house martins and even fewer swallows. (I did not know they hung out together?)

    Great to watch the swifts real close up, i think we take them for granted too much, i dont think there is another bird that flys so effortlessly.

    The tern pic is absolutely fabulous btw.

    1. Sounds fantastic! I imagine there must have been some big emergence of some insects, which was also dragging in a few hirundines.

  6. I think it was becasue it was cool and cloudy so the food was much closer to the ground. It was in the corner of the park next to the rugby field and floodlit 5aside football pitch, it is a bit boggy down there.

    I have also seen a flock of what I think is young swifts in a flock criss crossing the top of the park, i am not too sure i know were they are nesting?

  7. It looks like you had a great time on the Farnes. I really must try to make a visit very soon or all the birds will have left again! Where did you see the red squirrel? My lucky neighbour who lives in the Lodge at Otterburn Hall, has red squirrels coming into her garden with their young. I’ve been up a couple of times to try and picture them without success YET.

    1. Hi Emma,

      The squirrel was at Cragside – that shot was unfortunately the only one we saw and the best shot I could take! Apparently they visit feeders there in winter so may be worth a look (if you don’t mind the hefty National Trust parking charges…).

  8. Super stuff. I aim to make it to the Farne Islands one day. Next year, hopefully. As for Red Squirrels, I’m not one to brag, but I was at my local NR this afternoon and the Red Squirrels were taking nuts from my hand! ;-) You’d get some superb photos here on the Isle of Wight.

    Great blog.

    Fay (Vectisbirder)

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