An unexpected lifer!

Today Laura and I had a brief trip to Old Moor, and asking my usual “anything about?” on the front desk I was happy to learn that two black terns had recently arrived near the Wader Scrape hide. On arriving at the hide it didn’t take too long to find them, feeding over the opposite shore and performing some nice aerial manouvres. A very good bird indeed that I’ve never seen before!

Elsewhere there were the usual such as ringed plover (one with chicks), redshank, cormorant, whitethroat, bullfinch etc.

A couple of pics…

Tufted Ducks

Ssssh, don't tell DEFRA...
Don’t tell DEFRA…


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2 thoughts on “An unexpected lifer!”

  1. Nice pics again Pete !!!

    The Great Spotted Woody chicks are still making a racket today, she used the same tree last year ..I tried to get a couple of pics but struggled due to being too far away .. I meant to ask , do you use a teleconverter with your FZ 18 ?



  2. Hello there Mr Pete ,have you been to Wombwell Ings or Broomhill Flash ? both within walking distance of Old Moor n stuff .Garganey seen there last week ,banded Damoiselle dragonflys and good views of kingfisher etc,worth a look then.Enjoying reading your blog .

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