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Ooops, sorry not updated for a while. I’ve been finishing off some uni work, which is now handed in and I can forget about Phase 1 habitat surveys, freshwater invertebrates, floral keys and other such topics for a few months!

Last Sunday I had a trip out for my final unversity field trip to Anston Stones Wood, which is a really nice patch of ancient woodland out beyond Rotherham. We didn’t venture too far, but it’s a site that deserves another visit, with good views of three soaring buzzards and singing skylark and yellowhammer in the adjacent meadows.

The weekend also seemed to herald the mass arrival of the swifts. I needn’t have worried about their number as there’s now loads. Flocks of between 20 and 30 are screaming through the skies near the house, and circling over the tramstop at Malin Bridge brightening my morning commute. Every patch of sky in Sheffield Centre seems to have a few attendent swifts, and it’s great to feel like summer’s finally arrived, despite the weather!

Finally, last night I went to Redmires for a quick walk with my friends Chris and Gill. We tried for the whimbrel that’s been on Roper Hill recently, but sadly there were no signs, although there were good numbers of lapwings, a singing skylark and four curlews to keep us entertained. After that quick detour we went to the reservoir to watch the crepuscular displays of woodcocks as they roded overhead, giving excellent views as they flew overhead in the dimming light. Well worth a look if anyone’s in the area around 9.30pm!

This coming Bank Holiday weekend the weather actually looks like it’s going to be a goodun, and I’ve got a couple of days out planned… expect some reports and (hopefully) some decent photos coming soon!


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