Joining the dotts

After work today the showers stopped briefly, and after a bit of umming and aahing I decided to have a walk on Stanage Edge to see if I could find the dotterels that have been sighted there for the last few days.

Starting at Redmires, I walked up to the Edge from there, picking up a flushed woodcock and a cracking ring ouzel (both year ticks). Compensation if I dipped the dotterels… however I needn’t have worried, as suddenly three ran out across the path in front of me and posing for a couple of photos before disappearing into the undergrowth.

By this time a small group of birders had arrived, and we walked round to where they’d vanished for a better look. They proved to be ridiculously tame, unalarmed by our presence, even as we inched closer and talked at a normal level. In fact at one point two actually trotted towards me, posing brilliantly on rock a mere few feet away.

As a kind of karma for being a dirty twitcher, the portentous skies that surrounded the Edge finally gave way to a proper thunder and lightning storm and I got a good drenching, but not before I got the following photos. What stunners!






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11 thoughts on “Joining the dotts”

    1. Cheers, Michael… after the Great Grey Shrike I’m wondering if someone’s shipping semi-tame rarities around and dumping them on the Sheffield/Derbyshire border…

  1. Had a walk along the bottom of Stanage around midday today (Sun 17th) but didn’t see any Dotterels. They may still be around however as the horizontal rain wasn’t conducive to staying around for a good look, and any sensible bird would have been sheltering behind a rock!

    1. Sorry you didn’t get to see them. No reports that I’ve seen today, but that may be due to a lack of observers braving Stanage in today’s weather, rather than them moving on!

  2. I think your pics are the best on SBSG! I went Saturday and saw absolutely nish and got soaked to my underwear :(

    We could do woodcocks at Redmires later this week. Will Wed or Thurs suit you? I think they are better viewed in good weather and it’s supposed to improve by then. Could pick you up at around 8.40 ish.

    I’ve got a list of our Oz birds to give you, and also a CD of some of my pics. The pics aren’t that great because I had the exposure on the wrong setting but at least you’ll get an idea of what some of the creatures look like.

    1. Hi Gill – sorry you got a soaking and no dotts – I was lucky to get them just before the heavens opened on Friday evening.

      Can’t do Weds, but I should be free Thursday I think. 8.40 sounds good, unless you fancy going a bit earlier and checking out Wyming Brook for wood warbler and spotted fly while we’re in the vicinity?

  3. Hi Pete,

    Think Wyming Brook might be a bit wet – the path tends to flood there after a lot of rain. Maybe we could check out the Whimbel and Little Owl at Roper Hill instead (though have been there 5 times now and seen neither – perhaps you will be lucky for us?!)

    Can I let you know definately on Thursday? The weather’s now looking a bit ropey and I don’t think the woodcocks will put on much of a show in the rain, so I’ll check out the forecast first on Thurs. If it’s bad we might have to make it next week instead.

      1. Hi Pete,

        We’re still on for tonight if you are. Sorry, don’t have your mobile number because I lost my phone a while back, though I still have the same number.

        Shall we pick you up at 8 and go looking for the whimbrel first? Could you either text/email me or Chris your address as I can’t remember it.


    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for all the comments. Yup I got lucky with the dotts (and managed half an hour between drenchings).

      I’ve still not explored the wider Dearne Valley too far, only ever really been round Old Moor and Bolton Ings. Intend to rectify this soon…

      Some good stuff on your website, I’ll have a closer look when I’m not at work, and leave comments accordingly!

      Thanks again,


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