Patch update 04/05/09

A walk today in the Valley started well with a couple of tree sparrows on Stacey Lane, one of which entered a hole in a wall of one of fhe houses, presumably entering a nest site. It’s great to see them still breeding here, as this small colony is pretty much their last outpost in the west of Sheffield.

Elsewhere around that are there was a singing blackcap, and a few house martins and swallows. Elsewhere there was a dipper and another blackcap by the Fisheries, two grey wagtails on the rooftops of the Hepworth site, two stock doves and about 9 swallows at Old Wheel Farm, a nesting Canada goose at Old Wheel Dam, and more blackcaps at Olive Dam and Black Lane. The usual willow warblers and chiffchaffs were singing along the route, and a couple of nuthatches were also calling at Black Lane.

And still no chuffin’ swifts!


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2 thoughts on “Patch update 04/05/09”

  1. Hi Pete, I was down by the fishery on Sunday morning and did see a single swift as I was photographing wagtails at the water works. Later in the afternoon we saw about two dozen at Old Moor so they are about at last.

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