Patch update 26/04/09

I had a walk on patch yesterday, the hightlight undoubtedly being the sparrowhawk below, which was at Old Wheel Farm and had an unidentified kill hidden in the grass.


Elsewhere there were 6 herons together at Stacey Bank, 3 blackcaps singing along the route, a few swallows dotted around (but no house martins), several singing willow warblers, and a stock dove nest-building on Low Matlock Lane.

No swifts yet – any day now!


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5 thoughts on “Patch update 26/04/09”

  1. There was a flock at Old Wheel Dam last week, peaking at about 10, but they seem to have moved on. If I recall correctly the main flock that spent the summer there didn’t arrive until May last year.

  2. Ive seen a few sparrowhawks this spring esp, on the turn back from around the dam from Bradfield at school lane bridge.

    For about 18 months or so there were 2 large white geese and a graylag that hung out together at the dam wall, they seem to have gone?

    1. I know the geese you mean! I wonder if they’ve gone wandering; there were four greylags at Agden last week (although all “pure” ones).

  3. I think one of them might have turned up at Hillsborough park pond. On one of the islands it looks like the female one might be sitting on a nest.

    btw there is a fantastic muscovy duck that has been there for a couple of years.

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