Glen Howe Park

Glen Howe Park

This morning I had a bit of a blast from the past, with a visit to Glen Howe Park in Wharncliffe Side. I haven’t been there for years, and spent a lot of time there when I was a kid, and it was quite weird to be back as it hasn’t really changed at all. It really is a nice park – secluded and well maintained, and well worth a visit.

My target for the morning was pied flycatcher – a male had been reported here on the SBSG site on a couple of days recently. Although quite an easy bird to find at Padley Gorge this time of year, I thought it would be a great opportunity to get one in a local spot. It wasn’t long until I found a handsome male – the views were brief and not the best I’ve ever had, but still a nice new bird for the year, not too far from home at all.

Also around were a singing blackcap, several willow warblers and chiffchaff, a great spotted woodpecker and a treecreeper. Walking back to Wharncliffe Side there was a flock of siskins on School Lane, and a couple of swallows overhead.


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2 thoughts on “Glen Howe Park”

  1. There you are – there are advantages of not living near Spurn – Pied Flycatchers are few and far between at Spurn & its surrounding area at this time of year!

  2. It’s true, it’s easy to forget your own local specialities sometimes… guess if nothing else we’re sorted for pied fly and red grouse round here!

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