Patch Update 17/04/09

First ducklings

Spring really is setting in properly now – the 11 (11!) bundles of fluff above, which were on Loxley Fisheries, were the first mallard ducklings I’ve seen this year. There’s also a coot sitting on a nest at Old Wheel Dam.

Coot on nest

Also at Old Wheel Dam the house martins have arrived, with at least 10 swirling above (I forgot just how difficult it is to count hirundines, and this is a conservative estimate). As well as this were the now usual swallows, and much squinting at the passing birds turned up at least one martin without a white rump – another (or possibly the same) sand martin as the other evening. While picking through the swirling hirundines I was also surprised to see a pair of birds I associate more with winter round these parts, as a pair of siskins briefly alighted in the trees nearby.

Elsewhere 5 stock doves are still at Old Wheel Farm, plus a kestrel pouncing on something in one of the fields. 3 each of chiffchaff and willow warbler were heard. I walked the path south of the river in the hopes of an earlyish whitethroat, but no joy yet.


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