Patch Update 04/04/09

A walk on patch this morning, which started off cold and drizzly and ended warm and sunny. You’ve got to love April…

Highlights included 2 tree sparrows on Stacey Lane; 2 grey herons fighting on the Damflask “steps”; 6 chiffchaffs singing en route; 1 great spotted woodpecker near the fisheries; 2+ stock dove by Olive Dam; 2 nuthatch on the feeders by one of the houses on Low Matlock Lane; 3 jays; 3 mistle thrushes, including 2 singing males, two bullfinches by Old Wheel Dam.

Still no migrants, bar the chiffchaffs, but it won’t be long now!

A couple of ropey pics…

Tree Sparrow
Tree Sparrow

Chiffchaff (which refused to turn round…)


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