One of the bad things of paying for a BirdGuides subscription is learning about great birds that are on your doorstep while you’re stuck at work reading about them. One of these was the great grey shrike that has been loitering around the Strines turnoff on the A57 for the last couple of days.

This evening Laura was kind enough to run me up there after work, and obligingly this little gem was posing in a bush by the side of the road. What a beauty!

Great Grey Shrike

Great Grey Shrike

Other birds seen in the quick stop off included a flock of around 8 lapwing, several calling curlew, and a passing sparrowhawk.


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5 thoughts on “SHRIKE!!!!!!”

  1. Excellent Pete, I saw a distant one yesterday at Wykeham, but yours is a lot better. Almost wish I was still at Sheffield uni, so I could pop over & see it!
    I’m sure one of us will pick you up at Thorne Station for the June meet, if it goes ahead

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