Up on the moors

Stonechat This morning I had a walk on the moorland fringe, walking from Bradfield to Cowell Flat, and then back down Agden Side and by Agden Reservoir. I really should spend more time on the nearby moorland, especially at this time of year. Some of the best sounds in nature can be heard on the moors in Spring, providing a wonderful soundtrack to a walk. Red grouse were cackling in the heather, curlews were calling overhead and skylarks could be heard in the distance. Does it get any better than that?

As well as those there were a few linnets and reed buntings around, and at least four displaying meadow pipits. Best of all a pair of stonechats started chattering away, alerting me to the presence of a stoat, which slinked away into the heather at the commotion. Another mammal spot was a large brown hare loping across the hillside near Rocher Head.

By the reservoir a singing male siskin was at the NW corner, with a flock further along chattering away in the treetops, hiding away and making an exact estimation impossible. Three great spotted woodpeckers were around, and a chiffchaff and goldcrest were singing nearby.


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