A new toy

For my birthday a couple of weeks ago I got a new gadget to play with… a Veho USB Microscope. As well as the obvious applicatons to take close up photos of such fascinating things as lint, beard hair and crumbs (trust me, it’s way more fun than it sounds), it is of course amazing to see tiny minibeasts close up.

I haven’t got round to finding many so far, but here are a couple of shots of a tiny spider I found in my kitchen.



As you can see, I need some practice at framing my subject! I’ll try and post many more shots as I get them.

(Oh, and there were still 6 waxwings near Malin Bridge tram stop this morning, no signs when I got back at around 5.30pm.)


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2 thoughts on “A new toy”

  1. I am really pleased you put these pictures up as I have been looking at the USB microscopes on eBay recently so it is great to see what they can actually do. You are correct – it really is great fun looking at even everyday things under magnification.

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