Lunchtime challenge

This lunch hour I decided to see how many species I could see in 60 minutes, hoping to reach a target of 20.

Things started predictably with a feral pigeon while I was queuing for a sandwich, with a blue tit and woodpigeon nearby. A small flock of goldfinches were outside Firth Court, and a walk through Weston Park brought up starling, great tit, mallard, moorhen, robin, carrion crow, pied wagtail and magpie. Moving on to Crookes Valley Park I quickly got singing wren, blackbird, dunnock, greenfinch and house sparrow, and a coot on the lake.

A walk through Ponderosa led to the welcome sound of a singing male chiffchaff, and some long-tailed tits were moving through the trees. A final look through Crookes Valley turned up a foraging song thrush.

21 species! Goes to show how much stuff’s out there if you keep your eyes open. I’m also very surprised I didn’t manage to find a chaffinch, mistle thrush or collared dove too!

(Oh and the waxwings were at Malin Bridge tram stop again this morning – if anyone still needs to see one it may be worth a look!)


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