This morning I had a trip to Beeley Wood, and had a very successful woodpecker-finding trip.

After trudging through the woods for a while, with little more than a few nuthatches for company, I came to a clearing which proved to be woodpecker heaven! A pair of great spotted woodpeckers flew over, quickly followed by another, and the two males proceeded to engage in a drumming battle, giving good views of them hammering away at the tree trunks.

Then a yaffle alerted me to a green woodpecker lurking away at the back of the clearing, and two finch-sized birds chasing one another around gave a brief view and revealed themselves to be the pair of lesser spotted woodpeckers I’d visited the woods to find! All three species in one clearing was a brilliant sight – no photos I’m afraid, everything was a bit too far off and mobile, and I was too busy gawping.

Elsewhere a chiffchaff sang briefly by the river, and three fieldfare flew overhead chuckling away.


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2 thoughts on “Peckertastic!”

    1. Hi John,

      I haven’t got an exact ref, but it’s at the top NE of the wood, somewhere around SK 317 931, to the north of the path. I’m guessing the canopy knits together a bit when the leaves come back and it doesn’t seem like a clearing at all, but at the moment it appears as quite a point where the trees are a bit thinner.

      Good luck if you go there!

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