A trip to the East Coast

Today Laura and I had a trip to the East Coast, starting at Bempton Cliffs. There I got some quick and dirty year ticks in the form of gannet, razorbill, guillemot and fulmar, which are all starting to gather in numbers on the cliffs ready for breeding. Amazingly I managed to not see a single kittiwake, and although a few early puffins have been sighted recently none were showing for us today.

As much as I’d recommend the FZ18 to anyone, it’s not the camera for taking soaring gannet shots, and the woeful attempt below is the best I could come up with!



More guillemots (note bridled form in the middle at the back)



We went on to Bridlington, and while having some lunch the heavens opened. The rain stopped long enough for us to have a quick look round the harbour, which turned up a small flock of purple sandpipers hiding among the cracks in the harbour wall, as well as the usual turnstones, redshanks and oystercatchers.

Purple Sandpipers
Purple Sandpipers

Herring Gull
Herring Gull in the rain (from the dryness of the cafe window!)

Sadly we got soaked to the bone getting back to the car, and although the rain had stopped we didn’t stay long at our next stop at Flamborough Head due to our sopping clothes (I know, what a pair of neshes…). We had a quick walk round the vicinity of the Lighthouse, but there wasn’t much around, with the exception of a few cormorants and a stonechat that kept close by as we walked down the path.



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4 thoughts on “A trip to the East Coast”

  1. Very nice Auk pics. Seems like it’s better to photograph ’em in overcast conditions, as there’s no awkward reflections off the chalk in any of your pics.

    Don’t tell the RSPB, but you can get better views of Puffins if you walk along the cliffs at Flamboro’, North Landing

  2. Chris has bought me an Fz28 for my forthcoming birthday. I can’t wait to get out and start using it. Did you use a tripod on these pics or just balance on the fence?

  3. Excellent! Realised I never got back to you with specs comparison between the two, but it should be as good, if not better, than the FZ18.

    No tripod for these shots – if the light’s not too awful you can get shots like that handheld, even on ridiculously long zooms.

    Look forward to seeing the results from the FZ28!

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