Those Asda be waxwings…

I’m not usually so keen as I was today to do a bit of Saturday afternoon food shopping, but after seeing a few pager reports from Handsworth this week I thought it would be a good chance to catch up again with Sheffield’s roving waxwing flock, this time in their natural habitat of a supermarket car park.

They were very easy to find, flying straight over the car as we came off the Parkway, and sat in a tall tree on the corner of Handsworth Road opposite Asda, moving en masse to feed on the berries on the roundabout. I’ve counted the flock in the photo below, and make it 198 birds! Sadly the light was a bit too bad for anything other than ropey shots, but I’ll post them anyway…





In less wildlife-related news, I popped a certain question last week and Laura actually said yes, despite my geeky ornithological obsessions. It’s nothing short of a miracle and I’m a happy man indeed!


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