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Not a lot to say at the moment, I haven’t had any wildlife-spotting opportunities this last few days, despite trudging through the snow an lunch hours to see if anything could be found sheltering from the cold in the parks. I keep meaning to take my camera to work and forgetting it – the lake in Crookes Valley Park is not only completely frozen over today, but also covered in snow!

I had a walk on patch over the weekend (pre-snow), and it was a pleasant walk but didn’t really turn up much, which is why I didn’t rush to blog about it – a dipper at Stacey Bank, 6 x tufted duck on Old Wheel Dam and a bullfinch on Black Lane being the only highlights at all. The local tawny owls continue to taunt me and my new-found “seen-only” year list rule, by spending the evenings hooting in the woods opposite the house, and sometimes up the garden, but refusing to show themselves…

One quick note – the Sheffield Bird Study Group website has been relaunched with a new design and some great new features, including a very up to date sightings page that as good as updates itself, some great site guides for locations such as Wharncliffe, Ulley, Padley Gorge and Blackburn Meadows, and a photo gallery. Well worth a look!


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