After my Big Garden Birdwatch this morning I had a walk round Beeley Woods at Middlewood. Highlights included a kestrel, sparrowhawk, long-tailed tits, a treecreeper, a nuthatch and heard-only jays, bullfinches and a great spotted woodpecker.

Sadly I didn’t make the yearlist 100 today – I had hoped to pick up green woodpecker and grey wagtail, and there was a chance of lesser spotted woodpecker. At least the nuthatch was one first for the year, bringing the total to 98. To make this post a little less boring, here’s a pretty ropey picture of it.



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One thought on “Beeley”

  1. I’ve seen grey wagtails in the city centre near the science park…

    Also, if you’re ever south/west try meersbrook park, never fail to see Nuthatches once you discover which trees they hang out in.

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